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Association involved when owner removes support beam in condo unit


I am a 2nd floor condo owner that has a one inch dip in my floor due to a support beam removal by the owner below me during the renovation of his unit. This happened in 9/2012 and I did not notice until 4/2013 since we do not visit there often. The HOA immediately contacted a structure engineer and contractor and shored up my floor, but there is still a one inch dip in the floor near the island separating the kitchen and living room. The structure engineer stated to the HOA to wait 90 days for the floor to self correct which I did not agree. Now it has been 120 days. From this point the HOA says it is my problem and cost to remove the hardwood flooring and reinstall hardwood flooring during the removal of the hardwood the HOA will go into my condo and correct the subfloor. The engineer has determined the sub floor is damaged. My responsibility is stud to stud. So, all this said....the HOA will invoice the unit below for the sub floor and I will invoice the owner below for the floor removal and install....meaning I pay about $5 to 6 thousand dollars. My argument is the sub floor construction correcting is the nature of the situation and the cost to remove and install flooring should be handled by the HOA and billed to the owner below. The HOA has already hired the engineer to both correct the sub floor and my floor. I view this scenario as incidential cost to correct the problem. One party should facilitate this project otherwise, I forsee potential problems. In addition, I understand a property disclosure is required in SC. Am I wrong here is requesting the HOA to facilitate ? 

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