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By CondoAssociation.com • September 6, 2017

Condo owner builds wrong size deck.  Will it hurt association?

Recently the association allowed an owner to replace his roof top deck. The architect drew up the plans and presented them to the city zoning board and they were approved. This was treated as new construction. Come to find out, the architect undersized the deck by mistake. It was not the same size as the deck that was there before. The owner ignored the plans submitted by the architect and had the builder build the deck as it was before. This deck was bigger and now did not conform to the plans presented to the city zoning board. The owner did not bring this to the attention of the city zoning board or the governing board of the association. As president, what should I do? Will this create any problems down the road? Will it be a problem if this owner wants to sell his condo? How will it effect our standing with the city? Should I contact a lawyer? Help!

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