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By CondoAssociation.com • June 19, 2015

Condo owner concerned for health over wall damage

I live on the bottom level of a three level condo building in Stafford ME. There was a leak in my second bathroom which required the condo plumber to cut a hole in the ceiling to stop the leak. A handyman repaired drywall days later. Before the hole was repaired there was a strong overpowering smell of mothballs emanating from the hole in the ceiling that over the next few days permeated unit. I stayed one night in a hotel and informed the condo management of the problem. I also called the EPA, the local Environmental Health Dept. in my area and a private air quality firm. I also conducted research on the internet and the EPA confirmed what I discovered that mothballs are made from a chemical called naphthalene which when exposed over time is a carcinogen. Even after the opening in the ceiling was closed there is still a slight odor of mothball in my home. I have asked condo management to find out the source and try to eliminate the odor but they have not responded. I am concerned for my health and don't know what to do. What are my options? A law suit? Please respond.

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