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Condo owner has issue with odor in the gym


I own a condo in Hialeah, FL, been living here for 5 years. Main reason why I bought my property is the gym. I started going to the gym, my health got better, I was all happy. One day I go and a fragrance smell was so strong that I felt nauseous so I left. I went to the managers office which is right next to the gym and noticed she had a diffuser on. I told her my situation with the strong fragrance smell, for some reason goes thru the ac duct to the gym from her office and since the gym is so small gets stuck there. (Other people in the building have mentioned that they stopped going because of the smell also, but no one complained)
So the manager tells me that she will not turn the diffuser off, she did not care if I'm able to use the gym or not.  I have not been back to the gym since then. Im I wrong? What are my rights? This is not the managers house, we the owners pay her salary.

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