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Condo owner's window sills need replacement. Is it common property?


I live in New Hampshire in 8 unit condo bldg of a condo community of 144 condo units. All are under the same B.O.D and property management company. In my condo, first floor, I have rotted out window sills. I contacted property mgmt company who sent out an employee to look at sills. 1.) Employee confirmed sills rotted out, (just looking at them outside) and mgmt would replace them at no charge. 2.) Employee also mentioned sills rotted out so badly the wall below them is basically rotted out to the bottom structure. Employee said that part is my responsibility to fix and pay for. My question is since it was caused by outside elements through the sills, wouldn't that be considered "outside my condo" By-laws due state "sills are responsibility of property mgmt company to replace and pay for". Nothing said in by-laws eg: this particular issue, but since it is outside like roof or gutters, etc fixed by property mgmt company, wouldn't this be applicable as well?  New Hampshire

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