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By CondoAssociation.com • June 14, 2018

Criminal neighbors - Part 2

In FLA - what recourse does a Board have if a property manager employed by one of the owners - falsifies a report when renting the unit. Board was advised that a mother and minor son would be occupants. Since the rental date - son has had 3 arrests - and continues to cause safety concerns in the community. He has drug issues as well. With a little research into his county arrest records we have learned that he was actually 18 when the lease was signed and that he has a recent felony record - grand theft auto and grand theft firearm. Our DECS and Rules and Regs clearly state Board would not approve a felon in a lease agreement, also states that a tenant can be evicted if they do not comply with local law. Is a felon a protected class in fair housing? Its getting serious.

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