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CT owner thinks special assessments should be based on square footage


We own a condo in a 6 unit association, and the units pay a quarterly condo fee based on an original value percentage from the original construction - ranging from 15 to 17 percent.

billpaymentSpecial assessments had been split equally before we bought in, and we have been disputing this. To complicate matters, a unit owner expanded their livable space increasing their value and sq footage.

The board is in the process of rewriting the doc's to base monthly fees on square footage percentage - however, they want to maintain special assessments to be split equally. Or possibly, if they divide special assessments by proportion based on square footage, they want to proportion voting rights.

I believe all money paid should be done by proportion based on square footage and leave voting rights equal.

What is your view on how this is customarily done? Keep in mind the orig docs only refer to fees as assessments and this is done by,the percent value established when the condo was formed. There never was any distinction between monthly or "special assessments".  We are in Hartford, CT.

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