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Davie FL association needs mail questions to property managers for answers


Our board of directors informed owners they have to send a certified letter (costing $7.50 to send) to our management company (for which we pay a monthly fee to have) and only ONE INQUIRY WITHIN THIRTY DAYS is allowed. I sent an email to our management company concerning a condo safety issue in need of attention and to advise them of an unidentified car parked in our private parking lot (with no required DECAL given to approved residents lacking on the car parked in an owners space) I received NO REPLY/NO RESPONSE. QUESTION: Is it proper - required - legal for me to have to send a CERTIFIED LETTER TO INFORM A MANAGEMENT COMPANY TO CORRECT MATTERS THAT SHOULD BE THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO NOTICE, AS I HAVE, AND TO BE AWARE TO CORRECT THESE ISSUES AND NOT HAVE TO SEND A $7.50 CERTIFIED LETTER AND FOR ME, THIS OWNER, TO HAVE RECEIVED A REPLY? thank you for your always informative answers. Davie, FL

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