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By CondoAssociation.com • October 6, 2017

Developer behind move to collect old assessments from condo unit owners

My husband and I and four other groups make up 33% of a professional condominium association. The remaining 67% is owned by the developer. There was a merge 20 months ago and now the "new" majority has decided to go back 6-10 years and collect for common areas assessments that for 33 years were never passed on to us. Can they or anyone else for that matter threaten to take you to court for charges that you were never billed for (and still haven't been billed for them) and after 20 months of threaten to put liens on our practices. Can they do this! We have retained legal counsel for this matter, however, they are sitting on their hands. I think they are intimidated by who the 67% represents. Can you give me some idea if they can go back 6-10 years and bill us for something that we never knew we owed. Please help...this has become a nightmare...they are holding this over our head and continue to threaten us with liens and forcing us to sell them back our units to mitigate what "they" think we owe.


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