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Does co-owner have rights to view blueprints?


This question is submitted by Cindy P. out of Trenton, MI

3rd floor Co-owner requested copy of her unit's blueprints.

We asked the purpose and she declined to answer, eventually stating "for my records".  We did provide the copy; now she is requesting the blueprints for the 1st and 2nd floor condos below her condo.

We previously had a situation where a former co-owner performed major structural modifications within their unit without the board's knowledge and without obtaining the proper permits from the City. This resulted in fines for the Co-owner from the City, and they had to pay for inspections, which did pass. So we have been on the look out for something similar happening.

The fact that our current Co-owner refuses to disclose her reasons has us concerned. Do Co-owners have a right to the blueprints?


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