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Does mold travel in a roof?


florida-roof-moldWe had a new roof put on 2 years ago. It is a TPO product.

Due to the heavy rains this year, it has leaked a lot. It is one building with 8 condos.

Not only do we have multiple repairs, but now we have a mold issue. We have been quoted as to the repair for mold and it is as much as the unit is worth.

We keep being told that mold will travel. I believe that if the roof is fixed properly than the mold will dry up and we can clean it. If it is constantly wet it will stay moldy.

Does mold travel? What can we do to hold roofer accountable?

The management company is doing nothing, and we just keep getting pushed around. We get told the roofer is on vacation, lost a relative and doesn't answer phone calls.

What can we do to get management company to take care of this issue? We did get a quote a few months ago from roofer for another $30,000 to work on roofs to fix problems. Why was this not done or completed the first time roof was done? Cannot get answers.

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