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By CondoAssociation.com • May 12, 2016

Dog owner has issue with cat owner in HOA

I am a condo owner, living in New Hampshire. Problem: rules, regulations and bylaws/violations.

Per bylaws state: All domesticated dogs and cats have to be leashed or left inside condo. I do have a large certified scripted ESA dog from my psych doc/prescription. I have always followed the rules, regulations, bylaws.

An adjacent building cat owner (tenant, whose sister owns but lives in Ireland) leaves his cat outside all of the time. Most time when I exit my building to walk my leashed dog, the 'nuisance' cat is there making my dog pull me (recently re-injuring me during my PT) I have contacted prop management company and HOA and fined tenant. This has continued and property management and I don't know what else to do. Since we are on private property, pet control is not allowed on premises.  I did ask property management / Board who is liable and paying medical bills if re-injured by outside cat. In addition, tho no real power, tenant has told property management that he is contacting his attorney even though he knows very well that he has violated bylaws. 

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