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By CondoAssociation.com • February 24, 2017

Ex-military condo president runs association like an army barrack

The situation is the following; when the term for our association president was close to up, he switched places with association vice president, so that he could run again. He does not apply our own condo association bylaws fairly and equally.

As a condo board member he exercises "his" right to exempt himself. When his friends are renting or are return renters for the seasons he then waivers the rental fee. He screams and roars at anyone who wants to bring in a speaker e.g. fire code or similar, when it is done without his explicit permission and then verbally strips people who have attempted to so do.

Essentially, this man, ex army - is the bully on the block and yet he always finds someway to get on the condo board again. This last time around he asked the long-time secretary if she would be willing to step down if he didn't get enough votes to remain on the condo board. She ran against her will in order to do this, which meant then resigning and making the vacancy clear for him to step back in.

In reading the condo association bylaw statues we cannot find anything to say he cannot switch positions mid-term but we do find him and this unethical and unfair.

Does anyone have any suggestions other than vote him out? Easier said than done as he intimidates the elderly into voting for him. We have a condo board of five. We had an excellent person willing to run. He lives here in Florida for 6 months a year and could be present for condo board meetings given sufficient notice because they are not a citizen nor a green card resident and cannot spend the whole 12 months here. This person would have to come and go so as never to exceed 180 days per year in the USA. Our bully President told all our members that we couldn't have anyone who was not here full time. We would appreciate suggestions.

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