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Heat is on! Rodents leaving the hot California hills for residences


With the drought and heat in California, we've had animals coming out of the hills. Most recently, rats. They've been hanging out at our dumpsters, on the pool room roof (which is by my bedroom and keeping me up at night), and also on our patios. Some rats decided to start nesting inside my central AC compressor and chewed the wires. It cost me to have it fixed, and I've also experienced health issues. I've had a lot of migraines and respiratory problems. The AC repair guy found the unit filled with Ray feces and urine (which explains my issues since its outside the bedroom and below my office). My cat, who also hangs out on my patio with me also experienced strange illness and cost me $1,400. The nasty board president said they won't do anything about it, they only exterminate termites. This is a major health issue to me. What are my options? I've tried catching them myself but they're crafty buggers.



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