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After hail storm, association's public TV access not being replaced


Texas: 200 Unit 3 Location Condo Property. The HOA Board Sent out Notice that the aerial antennae for the "Over-The-Air" TV (Non-Subscription or "Free TV") were not going to be replaced.  HOA Manager's e-mail response: "It will not be re-installed. Because of the age of those antennas we have been unable to find anyone to work on them nor find any parts for them."  

I was not under the impression that once installed, there were "parts" needed nor any "maintenance" on Roof Mounted Antennae. Additionally, We informed them at the Board meeting that the Fence or Indoor "Rabbit Ear's" was not an option since nary 5 channels were able to be captured using that scenario (Compared to well over 70 otherwise). The board submitted that the Condo owners could just easily opt for the $30.00USD per month "Cable or Dish" service to get their TV & it was left at that without considering that people might have a right to having the service that was already "There" when they moved in maintained & that not every-one has an extra $30 per month for Cable/Dish. Is there any "City-Code", City Enforcement agency or State Law that would help in this issue?.

There are a lot of elderly and regular people on fixed incomes at the Condo Property and The "Free TV" offers News, Weather, and Emergency Broadcasts that will not be available. Would appreciate an answer on this one, please?  Thank you.

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