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By CondoAssociation.com • January 4, 2017

HOA criminal conspiracy to fleece owners?

I wrote to you recently seeking advice regarding the fraudulent seizure of our HOA by the "trusted" lawyer and a criminal syndicate who have controlled the BOD since 1993.  I posted a history of this on your site, 1/31/2014.  I received no response to my inquiry and wonder why.    During the past 5 years, I can find no lawyer or law enforcement/regulatory agency willing to discuss this....not one!!!  So, I reached out to you.
I wonder what causes your reluctance to comment? Is it due to legal concerns; that you might become involved or attached to legal complications?  It has occurred to me that, perhaps, homeowner associations have seen their day and now local governments are
allowing consolidation - by illegal means - to get rid of HOAs...and unspoken strategy that law enforcement turns a blind eye to.
My case is so extreme, broad and well-practiced by local elected officers and judiciary, how they conspired offers insight to others caught in similar situations...I am thinking of senior citizens.  In this Napa, CA case, it seems the endgame of this takeover was to drive out owners by fraudulent liens that extorts money or drives them to abandon their homes. The criminals then contact the mortgage holder and assume the loan.  I have documentation of this taking place with Wells Fargo.  
After they have title to a majority of units - you probably know this - they convert the HOA from its non-profit, CID status, and to a sub-C corp; wholly owned by conspirators.   I read CA code to determine this conversion is possible.  If I had not stopped this group - yes, I forced them out  - there would not be another old fart with the history and business acumen to attempt to stop them.  I am older now and my skills are waning...I need help 
I did lose my home, with $100k equity, judicial connivance...a fraudulent foreclosure...conspiracy with the syndicate.  Apparently the county has engaged in similar real estate fraud.  And when I refused to vacate, the Sheriff fabricated the charge of "criminal threats", a 422pc felony.  I was falsely arrested for 10 weeks as they disposed of 4 prized vehicles, pets, art and collectibles. In arrest papers, they state I am a transient...so that in their deed transfer, my name and address do not appear...evidence this is a very well-honed strategy executed by several departments in county government.
When I filed tort claims, their insurance adjusting firm - with a former employee now working as Risk Manager for the county, rejected my claims by twisting  CA Government tort claim codes.  They were sued previously for similar tactics, but the time and cost of challenging the adjusters is but another strategy to stop poorly-financed victims.  And I see no reason to think Napa judiciary would conduct a lawful proceeding.   California and Federal agencies are proven toothless.  
So, my last effort, soon to be filed, is going after the licenses of 11 lawyers who had a direct role in taking my home and conducting the fraudulent prosecution on false arrest and incarceration.   This will become the opening chapter in the book to be self-published
Would you please respond or forward this writing to an interested party?   In 2014, several responded with interest to my blog posting.  It would be very helpful if to share this and find a sounding board.  I am now 70 and penniless, after 6 years of this.  The felony charge prevents employment and it is for these reasons I am compelled to to CA Bar Association.  
Certainly, someone out there would be interested in this.  Thanks for any help.  Steve

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