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HOA has same woman chief for 10 years, HELP!


This question is submitted by Delores S. out of Texas

Hi, This hoa has had the same woman as chief of the hoa for 10 years. I bought my property in 2018. I know very little about hoas except that they are not governed by the state of Texas and that they seem free to do whatever they want. A few years ago they caught or had a company catch 39 wild cats. and they drove out to sugarland and dumped them on an empty property. I love cats. I have 2 wild cats I adopted. I dont go to hoa meetings because I hate the woman the nasty old 81 y o woman in charge. I think she mistreats people. There isn't anyone to govern her that is for sure. Today I saw her speaking to the SPCA. I couldn't take it anymore/ I'm sure she was negotiating a pickup of more wild cats. I have no power to do anything. I am subject to whatever whim that lady has. Please tell me what I can do. I have spayed a neutered a bunch of the cats and feed them which is against their rules. It just seems to me that animals and people who have no defense get abused by people like her that have to answer to no one. It just keeps going on, the same abuse over and over.




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