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By CondoAssociation.com • April 7, 2017

Should HOA be responsible for landscaping problems?

Is the HOA responsible for landscaping outside around the unit?  Holes have been dug around the outside of the unit close to the foundation. Previous HOA boards have assisted owners to eliminate this problem. The board has now responded they are not responsible to continue any practice previous boards have acted on. Drainage problems are horrible and I have added mulch to the front outside the unit continuously just to have it wash away. I have lived here 25 years and no fill or grass seed has ever been added to the grounds. Our documents include maintenance of outside of units. How do I get the Board to solve these problems? Our present board as been good about solving some problems as in the past we have had bad experiences which developed into financial problems. I am concerned as to the grading of the front is so poor I do not want to have a water problem in my basement. The Board is aware of that have a drainage problem but unfortunately do not feel it is a priority. Hopefully they can try to do something before it develops into a very serious problem Would appreciate any advice or assistance you can give me to solve this situation. 

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