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By CondoAssociation.com • June 12, 2017

HOA screws up fire alarm inspection

Home owners in our 94 unit association were told that an inspection of in-unit fire alarms was to take place  and each of the four buildings was given a two hour time frame for which we needed to be home or provide a key for access. No one came to do the inspection.  Two hours after the inspection was to be completed, we received an email from management saying the company had "screwed up" (yes, her exact words) and only did a few condos.  I wrote back and said I felt that management or a member of the Board should have been on site to make sure things were going as planned, they should have made sure that the company fully understood the process before hand, and that home owners could have been notified earlier of the problem if someone had been monitoring things throughout the day.   I also said that I felt management was the bottom line and if a problem occurs, that they should take responsibility instead of saying it was someone else who messed up.  Do you feel that management or the Board could have prevented this?

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