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By CondoAssociation.com • February 3, 2017

HOA storage unit stolen by neighbor

I have been in my condo for four years now, and recently found out that the small storage unit (7ft by 5 ft) that was allocated upon purchasing my condo is not actually mine. The far larger unit which is legally mine (30ft by 15ft) has been occupied by the person in charge of the HOA. When I confronted her about this situation, showing her the documents we had upon purchase and the HOA documents she gave us, and pointed out the differences in the two documents (the HOA documents having being doctored) she made excuses, eventually sayng she was given the storage unit many years ago.  When asked for legal documentation she said it was all done through word of mouth.

After a three month period she came back to me saying she had spoken to a paralegal and she had the right of possession due to the time she had been in the unit. When we pressed her for us all to visit the local police station and a lawyer to sort this matter out legally she backed down saying there was no need to take this course of action and that she would vacate the large storage unit within 7 days!

Any information on if I take legal action against this women who knowingly used my storage unit despite having legal ownership (she also was using the storage unit depriving the previous owners of my condo of their rightful storage unit) any info would be appreciated

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