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HOA Vendor caused water damage, who is responsible?


This question is submitted by Sandy W. out of Wyncote, PA. 

Recently our management company’s vendor did something on our system causing stinky water leaks to our unit and downstairs unit on 5/19/2022. This has affected the damages on our ceiling (cracks & paint peel off), drywalls (cracks & paint peel off), main door (totally damage) and laminated floor (peel off). our property manager K said management would take care those damages at the beginning and told us no need to report to our home insurance, her maintenance staff A would repair some minor issues after drying. however after a month on 6/21/2022, she said we have to take care by our home insurance, they are not responsible. We are doubt about that, as THE WATER DAMAGE IS CREATED BY THEIR INSURED VENDOR, should they take the responsibility? our condo main door has fire & security protection, who should pay for replacement? we feel there’s not safe during this time.

We hope you can help us, as that’s our 1st time experience that. appreciate your advise.


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