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Broken pipes in condo association ruining unit. Who's responsible?


We had cracked pipes above us, the condo association took responsibility, but they came to fix the walls and dry the floors. Eventually they would come and fix the carpet. My question is, if they ran a dehumidifier and ran fans in the middle of July and we incurred extra electricity cost, we ruined 6 bath towels and a shower mat, who is responsible for this? The condo association offered $50, but I requested $210. Our electricity bill was over $60 more, and I sent them proof of over 12 months of the electric bill. The towels sell for any where from $20-$50 at Target or Bed Bath & beyond, so I asked for $20 a towel ($120), and $30 for the shower mat. Who is responsible for this? If i hire a lawyer can anyone recommend one in the San Diego area, is the Association responsible for legal fees if they lose in Small claims court?

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