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How do I expedite the association to find source of water damage?


This question is submitted by Sherri P. out of CA


What can my landlord do to Expedite the association to come out and find out why there is water damage under the tile and are downstairs bathroom? I can push my foot up and down and hear squishy noises under my tile. The weeks, when it was extremely hot, was when I started to smell something now that it's cool enough, you still can kind of smell it but not really. I have sent pictures to them. My landlord has called a few times I've called a few times, and no one has responded. My fiance has no immune system from breast cancer, and I have a respiratory issue with sleep apnea. We are worried this is going to affect our health. Is there a timeline in which an association has to come out to at least assess the problem and something that's serious?? I'm pretty fed up! A week is too long




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