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How do we properly handle HOA election by proxy vote?


1. When proxies were mailed to homeowners for the Annual meeting, the format of the proxy was changed by the president without the knowledge of the other four board members.

Normally, in addition to the blank line for homeowners to write in a name of someone they know to be there proxy, the board members' names are listed in case they don't know of someone who could be their proxy. This year the board members' names were omitted. Can a proxy be changed by the president and can the management company comply?

2. After the meeting, are proxies and ballots allowed to be viewed by homeowners?  We know that one house received two proxies and renters in another house received a proxy. How many other renters were given proxies and how many other houses got more than one proxy? The management company is going to "ask the lawyers" which is double speak for "no, you can't see them." 

North Carolina

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