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How does condo association properly use absentee ballots?


Our bylaws allow for proxies but are silent on whether we can use absentee ballots for voting. I live in Washington State. I have been trying to research whether or not absentee ballots are legal under the WA Condo Code but can't find an answer. The code addresses the use of proxies but does not say if it would be illegal to use a proxy for an election vote. I've read that if you have absentee ballots for board elections, you cannot have nominations from the floor during the annual meeting because then absentee owners would not have the option to vote for or against the nominated candidate. You would take away their voting rights, because they are unaware of the (newly nominated) candidate. Therefore, if you have absentee ballots, nominations must be closed prior to the time the ballots are due. But I don't know if this applies to WA. Can anyone give me a definitive answer? Our next election will be in October. Some owners want to use both proxies and absentee ballots. Is it possible to use both for voting issues unrelated to elections?

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