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By CondoAssociation.com • September 23, 2015

How long should CT board keep threatening foreclosure?

foreclosure-letterWe have emailed and sent notices to one of the condo owners regarding the association fees. The condo owner currently rents out the condo.

A certified letter was sent in July threatening foreclosure, and a few days later we received payment for June and July, plus late fees.

The certified letter that was sent came back unclaimed. The condo owner has not paid for August and suspect that he also will not pay for September. What action should the Board take? The post office said that if a person does not sign for a certified letter it has the same legal effect as if the letter had been accepted, in that the association has done what is necessary to provide notice and could then start foreclosure.

What action should the board take? How long should we continue contacting a condo owner to pay fees before taking action?

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