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How to get floor fixed properly by association


water-damage.jpgMy American cherry hardwood floors have become water damaged at the entrance and in the hallway due to a plumbing issue in my building. Soapy washing machine water has entered my unit on several occasions through my washing machine drainage hole.

The property management group that works alongside the board members told me to send pics and I told them I was getting estimates. They came into my unit and acknowledged the problem.

The problem is that the hardwood floor companies said they can't match the hardwood - it isn't being made anymore and is quite distinct in its aging, etc.

The association said they'll pay for only the damaged portion of the floor, but not for a new floor. I'm not asking for a new floor. I just want my floor to go back to the way it was.

What should I do? I don't want a Frankenstein looking floor - I paid lots of money for this floor!


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