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How to handle condo building leaks?


In April 2021, a common element on the floor above 2 bedroom condo started leaking and flooded our unit - 1 bedroom and the hallway were impacted. The common element is actually inside the unit above us, and that unit belongs to an HOA board member. Since April, nothing has happened. Our ceiling is ripped out and there are uncovered tack strips in the spare bedroom. Various doors, baseboards and the contents of the bedroom are stacked in the rest of our condo. In the past, when we've asked about status, the management company has only said that things are very expensive now. Every time we inquire, they send a new contractor to bid. They have said they don't want to present this claim to their insurance company. Our insurance company is aware but not involved. In the past couple of weeks, the management company doesn’t respond at all. I believe the board has told them not to respond. This is a small building with 22 units, the common fund is underfunded (a problem long before we got here), and the board is non-communicative at the best of times. The HOA board member who owns the condo where issue originated was barely impacted and certainly knows what is going on, but the 2 units below him (ours and the folks downstairs who got wet) have NO idea what is going on or how long it will take. Should I get an attorney? Ask our insurance company to seek damages from the unit above us? It has been more than 4 months, and we’re concerned.

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