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By CondoAssociation.com • April 8, 2018

Owner illegally operating vacation rental in HOA

This is my third post. First two post was about a $3,000 plumbing repair job outside my unit - that I paid half and the association paid the other half. With a promise letter from the board that they will pay me $150/ month reimbursement. Since I was desperate to have water - I’ve given them an interest free loan because there wasn’t enough money in the reserve fund.
Now, I have another problem… being that we are so small w/ only 8-units - we only have two board members and Management Co. I have requested to be on the board, but I still will have no power with the unethical actions of the 2 board members. One of them has been operating a vacation rental for almost a year now... and according to the convents it's not allowed. I brought the matter up to the board and they told me to mind my own business and I’m the only one complaining all the time, and Management tells me they only do financials. The problem is most of the units are rented and the owners don’t seem to care. I am concerned for my property value and of a potential law suit if someone falls at the vacation rental and being that it’s not allowed will the insurance even pay out. I requested to have the b/m removed but I only have 2-votes out of 8-units. What can I do? A lawyer cost money, and if I loose I will have to pay their legal fees. Is there an agency Attorney General or Community Affairs that can give me some advice or help? Can I sue the 2- board members individually in small claims court? and what damages can I or the Association recover?

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