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Insurance will not cover fireplace damage, as its common property


It's been over four months since a fireplace fire in my condo (rental property) destroyed my fireplace and caused damage to the wall and hardwood floors around the fireplace. My insurance company sent me a check that covers all the damages except for the fireplace, which they say is the condo associations responsibility based on the bylaws. I have repeatedly sent emails to the property management company and the condo board, but I have not received any response from either of them. Furthermore, the management company has not taken any of my phone calls. Moreover, I am living in another country, so I cannot visit the management company's office or knock on board member doors. I did get in touch with the condo association's insurance company after many attempts, but have not heard when and how much they will cover. They say they have to deal with the property management company and not me. What are my options? How can I legally prevent the association from collecting my monthly condo feels until they reimburse me for the fireplace or have it replaced?

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