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Is condo board behind furnace issue?


I’ve found, a few times, on the same date I contacted my property management company, my furnace was off. This event happened in the winter. I’m the only person who has a key to get inside my condo. When I returned home from work, my condo was too cold to stay in. I’ve owned this condo for over 20 years, and there were only 2 times my furnace wouldn’t turn on. (Both times were days that I contacted, directly or indirectly, the property management company.

I suspect this condo board bully is behind my furnace being off. (Other electric appliances, at my address, weren’t affected.). I live in an attached condo. What do you think the condo board had access to, which my furnace would stop? I’m not sure, but maybe the way the furnace problem was the thermostat was turned to 80+ degrees.

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