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Is HOA or owner responsible for sheet rock repair?


I have a rather odd problem that has come up and I do not know whether this is an HOA responsible item or not.

In our 500 building there is an owner's unit at the top floor that has in her back bedroom what appears to be somebody
stepping through the ceiling from the attic area.

My first thought was somebody was up there for some Oddball reason. Upon further review what has caused the damage to her ceiling is that in the Attic there's a piece of sheet rock that is in the attic area that is supposed to block people from being able to go to the attic of another unit.

This large section of sheet rock became unattached from the studs and when it fell the corner of the sheet rock punctured the owner ceiling.

We're also inspected the opposite end of the building and there is also sheet rock in that attic area that has been dislodged from its original anchoring.

My maintenance worker tells me he sees alarm/Cable/phone wires in the neighbor's attic area and the possibility exists that when his alarm/Phone was put in that the repair person knocked down the sheet rock in the attic to get to that unit and then knock down the other sheet rock to be able to put wiring in.

I am told by the other unit owner that they no longer have an alarm they never put an alarm in and so he was probably put in many many many years ago. The sheet rock maybe was knocked loose and it took many many years for it to finally fall.

At least that's my running Theory.

As this piece of sheet rock in the Attic is owned by the HOA and became dislodged not from an HOA action is the HOA responsible for the repair of the ladies ceiling?

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