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Is The Hoa Responsible For Repairs After Raccoons Entered Our Attic?


This question is submitted by Ohio Girl out of Ohio :) 

Who is responsible for the clean up, sanitation and insulation replacement after raccoons gain access to the attic space via a fascia board, soffit or fallen gutter?

I live in one half of a single story duplex. Our documents describe a unit (and owner responsibility) as a walls in floor to ceiling space. In addition, owners are responsible for exclusive use items like doors, windows, driveways and patios. The association is responsible for all outside maintenance including roofs, gutters, soffits, painting etc.

Each unit does have access to the attic via pull down stairs located in the garage but there is no flooring so any storage is limited to boxes that sit across floor joists. There is nothing in the documents about ownership or maintenance of the attic area.

Recently raccoons gained access to the attic. The association paid to get the critters out and will pay for the fascia board and gutter repair. But, they have indicated the cost of removal and replacement of the contaminated insulation should be paid by me and my neighbor because we have exclusive use of the common attic. My insurance will not cover the cost and my neighbor cannot afford.

Cost will be around $7500, Shouldn't the association pay?


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