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Is three unit condo association fairly sharing common costs?


I live in a small three condo unit. One condo is empty due to the owners defaulting on the mortgage and their water supply has been shut off. That leaves the other two units, one unit is occupied 24/7 and my unit is occupied 6 months a year.   We have asked the 2nd unit for us all to get water meters, they complain a lot and do nothing.  We have even ascertained that in the water bill is the charge for the collection of rubbish etc so when we are not in residence we are subsidizing their monthly dues for water. We also mention that we had to pay the 3rd unit's water bill even when he had stopped paying his monthly dues and was collecting rent from renters.  If the situation again rose with any of the 3 units the other two units would be liable for payment of the units water etc Any info on what can we do to have water meters installed, making it a fairer system and protecting us from being liable for defaulting owners bills.

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