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Is tree stump common property to be removed by condo association?


Our condo association states our backyard decks are considered  limited-common property.  I have a tree that was here before these condos where even built.  The developer built my deck around the tree and the first 8 years or so it looked great.  Unfortunately, now it has become so large that the tree is lifting boards up from my deck and will only get worse than it already is.  I am also now concerned about the roots growing underneath my unit and creating even more damage.  After 3 years of complaining they finally had it cut down but only part way, it still protrudes above the deck so it is still presenting the same problem.  They claim it is my problem and my responsibility.  They trim all other trees in our development but say this one is my own responsibility.  This tree was here long before me or this whole development.  Who should be the one to pay for the removal?

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