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Looking for a lawyer on an insurance case in CA


condo-lawyer.jpegI am looking for a lawyer, here in Los Angeles, CA who can help me out by reevaluating my case. It's been an ongoing nightmare dealing with 2 insurance companies (My own and HOA insurance)

First my own insurance did not want to help me out, by claiming that this is the HOA insurance responsibility. Once I settled with my own insurance company, now I am dealing with another issue. The HOA insurance is not willing to reimburse me because they felt like not wanting to reimburse me! 

I wanted to make sure that a lawyer can look into my case and give me the advice if this is even worth going after the insurance company or not. I live in Santa Monica, CA. Thank you so much. This site has been very helpful to me during the process of going after what I deserved in the first place.

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