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Massachusetts condo board votes on role of absent trustee


This past week, on Thursday, the chairperson of our condo association board called a meeting to be held the following night at 7 PM. An agenda was distributed for that meeting, and three of the seven board members indicated that they could not attend. The meeting was held anyway. At the meeting, the four members who were able to attend held a vote (that was not on the agenda provided) to change the role of one of the board members who was not in attendance, and informed the entire board of the change by email immediately following the meeting. Our condo Declaration of Trust specifically requires that ". . . meetings may be called by the Chairman and in such other manner as the Trustees establish; provided, however, that written notice of each meeting stating the place, day and hour thereof shall be given at least four days before such meeting to each member of the Board of Trustees. One-half of the number of Trustees shall constitute a quorum at all meetings, and such meetings shall be conducted in accordance with such rules as the Board of Trustees may adopt." Clearly 4 days notice was not given. The board has never established a process that overrides this section of the Trust. When told that the meeting and vote were not valid, the chairperson decided that the vote would stand and that the board would move forward as if the vote is valid. Is the meeting and vote valid? This condo is in Braintree, MA if that helps

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