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Mice in walls of condo building


In the last 2 months mice have gotten into my walls and ceiling of the condo unit I own. There are no mice in my condo, they are in the walls and ceiling of my bedroom and living room. This has tremendously impacted my life as I can barely sleep as the noises keep me up all night (running through the walls, running across the ceiling, scraping at the walls and ceiling). My condo agency says all they can do is put poison in the ceiling and walls. They said it would be too expensive to find and then repair how they are getting into the walls and ceiling. They put more mice traps in our garage, but I’m on the third floor. They had Orkin come out and that gentleman said he wanted to look into the elevator shaft, as the wall in my unit where all the mice noise started is right next to the elevator shaft. I was then told by our maintenance man that it would be too risky and too expensive to do that. I brought this to the attention of our condo association, also stressing the fire hazard that could be present if mice are getting into walls from the elevator shaft as that means it is not sealed. This conversation was approximately 2 weeks ago and the elevator shaft has not been looked at. I own this unit, but I can barely sleep there. Nor can I sell it with what is going on.

As the mice are not getting in through my unit, but rather through areas that should be maintained by the condo association, I have read that it is their responsibility to repair this. This began the first week of April, and due to lack of sleep this has greatly been impacting my life and mental health.

This far the poison they have put into the ceiling and walls helps a little. A little less noise and volume, but still there.

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