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Mold spotted in condo unit.  What do I do?


My wife and I noticed a medium sized spot of black mold on our laundry room ceiling Sunday night. We contacted our condo association immediately and left a message (as they are not open on Sunday) suggesting that there may be a leak in the roof that caused this. We called several times on Monday and sent an email. I crawled into the attic and, sure enough, one of the lead vent that goes through the room had come unsealed and left a two inch hole in the roof. I took pictures of the hole and the damage that was caused because of it to our laundry room and emailed them with a narrative to our condo association today...I also called twice and indicated that if it can't be fixed immediately then it should, at very least, have tarp placed over the hole to prevent any more water from entering our home. Still no response. Needless to say this is a major concern for my family and I and I was just looking for some type of guidance as to where to go next since our condo association still hasn't replied.

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