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By CondoAssociation.com • February 28, 2019

Money owed between HOAs

We have two communities that share the pool. We have a contract that states there is to be a "Committee" to manage and operate the shared property. Since the property was built in early 80's there has never been a Committee. The BOD of each community has done the managing. My association finally set one up in January and I am on that committee. I have learned that the only reason the committee was started was because the other other community owes our community about $10,000 in unpaid bills and we owe them about $4,000 in unpaid utility bills (sidewalk lights around pool have been off now for several weeks) My President says that as soon as the other community pays their bills, the Committee will no longer meet (so no role in management or operation).

I feel both BODs are not abiding by the terms of the contract that all home owners received. All areas of the pool continue to become deteriorated. (deck, furniture, fence, pool bathroom, etc). I feel this lack of attention will decrease the value of my property.

Would this be grounds to sue the HOA ? If so, to what type of attorney would I reach out?

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