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By CondoAssociation.com • March 13, 2019

Shared property creates management problems

We have two communities (I'll call them C1, C2), that share a pool, roadway, land, etc. The Sharing contract states that a Committee is to operate and manage that property. This year was the first year a Committee was set up. I am on that committee. My BOD, C2, did landscaping work to the amount of around $11,000. C1 did not approve that work. Now C2 says C1 owes their share. Also, C2 has not been paying their share of electricity to the tune of $8,000. Since C1 owns the property, all payments are suppose to go to them for payment. At our last meeting, our President made a motion that since they owe us money and we owe them, that all bills we "forgiven". The motion failed with 2 for and 4 against. Also, C2 attempted to get C2 management to manage the shared property in spite of the fact that the contract says that since C1 owns the property they will manage and operate that property. It did not get to a vote because C1 said this was in violation of the contract. and they would be seeking legal advice. WOW what a mess. I got an email from C2 President today saying that the Committee is disbanded. There are so many issues involved here. Yes, I will run for the Board. I would appreciate any comments on this situation.

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