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By CondoAssociation.com • August 3, 2019

My neighbor wants free electricity if I install solar panels on shared roof

I live in a 2 unit condo (side by side town homes near Boston. I have planned for a long time to install solar on the common roof above my townhouse unit. My neighbor agreed and asked to have it extend to his and he would have a discount on the excess kWh generated.

When it came time to negotiate terms, he asked for a 25% discount on the excess electricity. I agreed. Then his lawyer came through with a proposal that had a 100% discount (free electricity) and a guarantee of the amount of the credit, in perpetuity. Over 25 years he would get $30,000 and I would have a total savings from a $36,000 project of under $7,000.

Has anyone heard of a “neighbor” attempting to extort their other condo owner in such a way or considering the “value” of the shared roof to be anything like that?

My second proposal was to completely finance a separate array for him and have matching ones on the two areas of roof over the respective townhouses, whereby he would always be cash flow positive and have a $19,000 gain over the same period. He declined that. I then went back to the original plan of having only over my house and am waiting to see how much he believes that is worth.

Any thoughts on anyone seeing this kind of thing before, reactions, fairness or suggestion?

Sunblocked in Boston

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