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New property management firm can't handle the job


I am secretary/ treasurer of our board. We only have a president and myself. In January we were forced to change management firms (we left in good standing due to changeovers). At that time we thought we chose a good firm and met with the owner. It is now June and we acquired many bumps in the road but understood it was a changeover and it took time to change everything. We are now seeing we made a mistake but carry a two year term with them. We are now seeing he is paying our electric bill and other bills late and incurring late charges. A security deposit was set on the power bill, but I made a phone call and had it resinded provided we are no longer late and he files automatic deduction form which was sent to him. The electric bill is due in a few days and he still has not paid this bill. We are not in touch with him, he does not return phone calls for days nor answers emails. The people here are getting upset with him and I keep hoping things will turn around. I want to send him a certified letter send draw his attention to the fact that he took us on and now why do we have to wait for his " good and ready" attitude yo pay our bills. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I worked well with the other service and I am not use to this kind of treatment and miss every day with them. Please help I need advice before I blow my cool!

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