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By CondoAssociation.com • December 13, 2015

NH owner needs advice on renters not picking up after dogs

condo-renters-not-picking-up-poop.jpgI am hoping you can help us out here in New Hampshire. We live in a lovely well maintained condo complex with swimming pool and tennis court.

In the by-laws it states each unit can have 2 animals (no size limit). Dogs are leashed when walked outside and there is a $100 if dog feces are not picked up. We have metal signs posted stating this in clear sight.

Unfortunately, this problem of not picking up after dog has increased. It seems as though more tenants (vs. condo owners living in condos) are not being responsible, nor care.

Discussing this with property management rep and president of the board (in confidentiality) to me, (I'm not on board, yet they confide in me), have suggested that by-laws be changed so no tenants can have animals in the future.

I own and live in my condo and have a large dog I always pick up after. (so no problem with me) Though, I agree with the property management rep and the president of board, I'm also concerned with absent owners who have bought these condos for investments/rentals with one of the 'selling/rental points' is "pet friendly with no limits of size of dog".

I could certainly use some advice, especially legal, regarding this issue. Alternative options are most certainly welcome! Thank you, all, very much.

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