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No party due to covid. Should party funds go to reserves?


Our social committee has spent several thousand dollars over the past few years on parties.  This year's party won't be held due to the pandemic. The recent budget hearing for 2021 doesn't allow for any funds for social due to the fact that we had to make drastic cuts to limit a large increase in our yearly HOA dues. Also our Reserves are well below what is needed . We need roads and possible sewer clean out which is costly. The social has $1000 to spend on 2020 Party which won't be held. In 2019 they had $2200.00 to spend. They insist on leaving the money for social . I say its frivolous and should go to the reserve fund . Past parties were attended by only a small portion of residents and members who attended say outsiders were there . What can be done ? Most members stay away from meetings . There was bullying whenever anyone questioned anything . Our present president has all of our interests in mind but he is overruled.  Florida

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