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Owner unsure if he's responsible for basement clean up


flooded-condo-basement.jpegI own a condo in Philadelphia. Last November my tenant called me and told me the water heater wasn't working. I contacted the maintenance guy, and he told me the replacement will be $650, including labor. I agreed to this and sent him payment.

About a month ago, I received an invoice for $3,000 with a letter saying "as you are aware of the water damage in the basement" - which I was never made aware of, No one mentioned anything about water leaking. They explained because my heater was located in the basement, I was responsible to pay for all the cleaning up.

Moreover, my tenant told me the basement was frequently flooded when heavy rains took place.

So I need advice on these issues. Can my condo arrange for repairs without my consent, without allowing me to inspect the damage, and/or look for a cheaper company to clean up?

Also, is it legal to leave it up to me to pump out the water and dry out a basement when there is a previous history of flooding?

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