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Owner's son slandered and banned from condo association premises


What kind of consequences can the President of the HOA be facing for telling another home owners personal info about several thousands of dollars on fines and violations but telling all this info to someone who just rents. Also the president has been slandering my name and damaging my character also went as far as to banning me from the premises.  My mother owns the condo and was treasurer, but I just want to know legally how this works as far as banning me. I'm actually I'm not just a renter, I am her son.  I would appreciate some insight....also he left my mother a voice mail but forgot to hang up the phone so on her messages we saved the one where he was telling my neighbor who was in the office, but the office clearly states homeowners only, but the president told the neighbor that I am "mentally not all there" and "something is wrong upstairs".  He made also spoke on the fact he has fined my mother almost $25,000 How do we handle this slander and ban from the condo association?  Oklahoma

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