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By CondoAssociation.com • February 27, 2015

Pennsylvania Condo Association has difficult time transitioning Property Management Companies


I am the secretary and treasurer of the Board in my Pennsylvania Condo Association, and am searching for a few answers.

Our property management company recently decided that they would no longer manage our Association, and that we needed to find another property management company for our services. They made this announcement on by sending a certified letter to the Board on December 7, 2014.

The Board was able to find another property manager, and signed the contract on December 15, 2014. All files were then picked up on Jan 15th, 2015. The new property manager said he would only need a week or two to go over the files and send coupon booklets to each of the condo unit owners.

Condo unit owners were finally sent a letter on February 7, informing them of the change in management. This only came about because owners were curious why their January checks, made out to the old management company, had not been cashed.

As for other issues, our contractor for snow removal states that we no longer have a contract with them, our electric bill is 2 months past due, and insurance on the building is also 2 months past due. The new property manager does not answer any of my emails, but had responded to the VP via phone concerning all of these issues. I have since requested that the VP only communicate via email only so there is proof of what is being said.

Condo unit owners are asking questions that I simply cannot answer. I have referred them to his email and phone number, but he is not getting back to them either. This property manager has his own firm as well as a law firm, so I don't feel we are being scrammed. I do wonder why he would withhold 2 now going on 3 months of checks, fail to fulfill his responsibilities, and fail to keep our community informed.

Can anyone shed some light on how long a property management company transition like this should take? Our Condo Association is running out of patience!

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