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Resale fees in PA

By CondoAssociation.com • February 10, 2016

Can/should a HOA board charge a fee on resales?

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Would you be able to tell us how much we can expect to pay a property management company?

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Does the management company have the right to oversee the proxies and their content before the election?

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Where can I find the description of responsibilities and obligations of the management company to condo owners in Pennsylvania?

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We found that the HVAC unit just couldn't handle the space. So, understanding that it's our responsibility to fix the issue as we bought it as is, we applied to the HOA have a suitable HVAC system installed.

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A couple of months after we moved in, there was a change down in the basement that is causing a ridiculous amount of noise - a constant vibration and hum from the recirculation pump

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