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Pump noise unbearable for new condo owners in Philly


condo-pump-causing-noise.jpgWe live on the first floor, directly over the mechanicals (hot water heaters/recirculation pumps/water pressure pumps.

A couple of months after we moved in, there was a change down in the basement that is causing a ridiculous amount of noise - a constant vibration and hum from the recirculation pump (directly attached to our floorboards) and the water pressure pump. Neither are enclosed, and the building management guy has said "my mechanic checked it out and everything's functioning properly."

I insisted he come over and listen and he did concede that it was loud and would drive him nuts,too. So the mechanic came over to listen and said "yeah, I hate these calls. You have a legit issue but there's nothing you can do."

I talked to an acoustical engineer who said, "yes you can fix it by detaching the pump from your floor and then enclosing the pumps in a proper mechanical closet. It's easy but not exactly cheap."

So, the latest is that the guy who said "nothing you can do" is supposed to be getting an "estimate" to the board. Then the board will review and then they'll decide and then they'll hire and then he'll be scheduled.

My questions are: How long can this possibly be drawn out? Will I be waiting forever? And: What happens if they hire a guy who comes up with a "solution" that doesn't go far enough?

What if it "fixes" the issue a little but it's still not acceptable? Thanks all. First time owner of a condo and I gotta tell you...this part blows.

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